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    Sheldon Simons

    Sheldon Simons
    Managing Director & CEO

    A strategist and highly achievement-oriented leader, he made a radical contribution to the fortunes of RHSPL first (which he founded in 2000) has been in the industry since then.

    His strengths:

    • Enterprising spirit, ability and zeal to make a success of new enterprises

    • Has always achieved revenue and profitability objectives of his companies

    • Proven ability to lead and manage large inter-disciplinary teams

    • Salvage critical situations and lead the company through crisis situations

    • Exemplary ability to inspire and retain personnel through innovative scheme

    • Maintain cordiality with existing clients, charisma to make an impression on new prospects and clients

    • Extremely customer-centric approach with an obsession for delivering quality at each interface, setting and maintaining high service standards with the objective of “customer delight’

    • Natural flair for setting measureable objectives and targets based on company’s vision and mission.

    • Expert in managing change and manifesting innovation