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    We maintain and enhance your work environment

    Specialised Services

    includes Pest Control, Hoticulture, Fa?ade Cleaning etc.

    Pest Control:

    General Pest Management Services:

    General Pest Service covers Pests like Cockroaches, Red & Black Ants, and Silverfish. Cockroaches adapt to different environments and prefer warm conditions.

    They leave dark stains and foul odours leading to unhygienic conditions which passively cause diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea, food poisoning, asthma and allergic reactions in humans.

    Location - Residential Complexes, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Shops and in human dwelling. Ants are found near and around Homes, Offices and near human dwelling.

    Damages - They cause structural damage, asthma and allergies and food contamination. Our gel service provides total and effective control of Cockroaches and Red & Black Ants and Silverfish.

    Pest Control includes

    • Termite Management Service
    • Bed Bugs Management Service
    • Rodent Management Service
    • Flies and Mosquitoes Management Services
    • Bird Proofing/Netting Management Services
    • Dog - Ticks Management Services
    Benefits -
    • A completely odourless, hassle-free and safe solution for the occupant.
    • It is not necessary to empty out the kitchens, hence convenient.
    • Long lasting and highly efficient treatment which can be carried out at anytime of the day.
    • This service uses proven treatment wherein the highly potent active ingredient is applied at all cockroach hideouts. This results in control of cockroaches.
    Pantry Management
    Pantry Management


    Maintenance of flower-beds, pruning, weeding, mowing, watering, plantation, fertilization, cleaning - entrust your garden to our care. Our nurturing will keep the green sparkling and the leaves rustling.

    Fa?ade Cleaning:

    We restore facades and windows to their youthful glory with stringent safety precautions. Transfer the safety and quality risks to us.

    Fascade Cleaning