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    Technical Services

    Introduction to M & E Division

    M & E Division supports building utility services by providing the necessary and required technical support. Our Forte for operation and maintenance of the utility generation and distribution systems throughout the premises post taking handover from the project team along with upgarding the systems with latest technology from time to time by our engineering team.

    We specialize in all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing services for both commercial & residential building.

    Our M&E division provides incomparable maintenance services & engineering experts using Low cost Automation and most effective methods.

    We are committed to offer the most innovative, cost-effective solutions as follows;

    M & E Division

    MEP Systems

    • M - (Mechanical) = HVAC,Laundry,Boiler,Heat Pump,Kitchen, Elevators and Escalators.

    • E - (Electrical) = Transformes,Breakers, Panels, DBs and DG Sets.

    • P - (Plumbing) = WTP, HEP, STP, ETP, Hydrant n Sprinkler systems, Water Bodies Swimming Pool and Water Chemical Dosing.

    Other Systems

    • General = FAS, PAS, AV, BMS and CCTV

    • Civil = Masonary, Carpentary, POP, Painting n Polishing

    Additional Systems

    • PPE = Personal Protection Equipments

    • PM = Project Management related to Renovation of Property

    • OA = Open Access n Renewal Energy.

    MEP System

    Mechanical Mechanical

    • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air - conditioning)

    • Laundry

    • Boiler and Heat Pump

    • Elevators and Escalators

    Plumbing Electrical

    • HT power supply & distribution

    • Low voltage power supply & distribution

    • UPS and Emergency Power System

    • Electrical Services for Mechanical Plants

    • Energy meter readings & records

    • Energy Auditing & Savings

    Plumbing Plumbing

    • WTP (Water Treatment Plant)

    • Fire Fighting System

    • Hydrant

    • Sprinkler

    • Fire Suppression / FM200 system

    • STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

    • Water Bodies

    • Water Chemical Dosing System

    Other System

    Fire Alarm System Fire Alarm System

    BMS System BMS system

    • Monitor and control

    Security System Security System

    • CCTV

    • Boom & flap barrier

    • Baggage scanners

    • Public announcements
    BMS System